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Hoorays for SeKRiT PRoN JouRNaLS! This one. This is a SeKRiT PRoN JouRNaL. Right here! I don't usually post things here because I usually post under my, well, "regular" LJ, which I update semi-regularly and fill with "regular" stuff. If you're that interested in me, let me know, and you can know what my "regular" LJ is. I don't mind people crossing from this one to that one - it's the other way around I'm worried about :)

I feel like I need to explain myself here; I chose the name "chiastica" from the term "chiastic" which was applied to an analysis of Bach's fugue in C# minor from the Well Tempered Klavier, Book 1 (yes, yes I am a nerd. It's cool, guys.) As an Italian-derived name, it should be pronounced something like "key-ASS-tick-ahh", and when abbreviated to something like, I dunno, "chia", it would be "KEY-ah". However, I didn't think this decision through, for if you write "chia", all that happens in my head is this, which is kind stupid. And "chiastica" is just too clunky to use all the time... most people I've seen on LJ have some kind of interesting way to abbreviate their username. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. I don't really care what you call me, then, as long as it is clear that I'm really not secretly in love with Chia pets.

Hm, what else to say... I'm a musician. Piano, voice, trumpet. Pop, classical, jazz, and everything in between. Classic keyboards? Oh, hells yeah. Composing, arranging, transcribing, some fledging efforts at songwriting. Some recording and sequencing. A lot of accompanying. I am an accompanist in the voice department of my old college, and I'm also a church pianist/singer, proving that yes, you can be Christian and enjoy copious amounts of smut! Well... at least, I can. Don't know about the rest of y'alls.

Anyways... I ride bikes, I like the environment. I like beer, I like wine, I like fresh mangoes, I like fresh bell peppers. I like hangin' out with friends, going to shows, playing music with people, and having the occasional make-out. Life's pretty good, you know.